Our first movie orientated health and safety establishment started in 2005 and soon grew into a ltd company HSA-film Kft. We specialise in health and safety consultation, risk assessment, risk analysis and building safety coordination.
In the movie industry more and more producers and production managers have realised that to have a health and safety company on site is not just an uncomfortable law but a very supportive tool and helps to ease any responsibilities and worries.
From a production view it is proven that in movies our company was present less accidents, injuries and inconveniences occurred. This demonstrates that a lack of health and safety can cause serious discomfort in a company and can endanger the lives of all staff involved in the shoot.
Today HSA-film Kft can proudly state that we have been involved in more than 100 international movies and commercials; we have shown and proven our competence and expertise in various levels of health and safety. I personally have dedicated more than 30 years of my life to the movie industry and have worked in various areas of the business. This has given me a wider perspective on issues presently affecting the movie industry.
Over the past decade I have been lucky to work with the following health and safety experts who have generously shared there knowledge and helped me to develop various skills and attributes.

- Yates Douglas Twentieth Century Fox health and safety Councillor (Eragon),

- John Clements Sony Pictures health and safety expert (The Company),

- Jeff Egan Turner health and safety manager (Amusement)

- Mick Hurrell JHA health and safety expert (Robin Hood I.).

- Mark Chambers Universal Pictures health and safety manager (HELLBOY II).

The knowledge I have gained from these great experts in the industry is constantly shared and educated to my co workers, this makes make a real difference to our company’s performance and enables us to be as good as we can in this beautiful but hard business.

HSA-film Kft has a very strong relationship with the health and safety companies mentioned; you can view the contacts from our link menu.